“If you  suffer from aches, pain, and creaky joints every time you walk up the stairs, or bend down to tie your shoes...then you've come to the right place!


Joint Health 101

What you are about to discover are the proven home remedies and simple exercises that are scientifically proven to relieve joint aches.​

It’s time to say goodbye to joint problems.

There are several reasons how joint pain occurs:

Reason #1 - Injury


It could be from sports or self-accident. Any injuries affecting the ligaments, bursae, or tendons surrounding the joints can give you the pain… and make it hard for you to move.


Reason #2 - Inflammation


Such as Arthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and osteoarthritis — which you can find out more about this later.


Reason #3 - Aging


When you age, your cartilage tends to tear and wear. This causes all sorts of nasty pain for every time you make a movement.


Even though joint pain is a common problem that is likely to happen to people as they age…That doesn’t mean this problem is absolutely non-preventable. Or at least, you can slow down the rate of the ligaments ‘tear & wear’.


The good news is…You Don’t Have To Experience That Pain Anymore...


Because I’ve compiled my research on everything you need to know about joint health into one easy to read guide.


Introducing...Joint Health 101

The Right Way To Keep Your Joints Healthy 


'Joint Health 101’ is the ultimate guide for understanding the most common health dilemma that affected millions of people — joint problems.


What you are about to discover in this guide is everything you need to know about joint health. Plus, scientifically proven methods for relieving and reducing the effect of joint pain.


If you are suffering from aches, pains, and creaky joints, or you just want to take effective measures to avoid this problem... then this in depth e-book course is definitely for you.

Here Are The Things You Will Discover In Joint Health 101:

  • 3 things you don’t want to happen when you don’t take care of your joints
  • How to know if your joints are damaged. (The 4 signs to look for!)
  • Symptoms of the 5 common joint problems you must know
  • If you find it hard to climb the stairs or to bend down… read Chapter 2 immediately.
  • The ONE thing you can do to prevent joint damage & improve joint strength
  • 4 specific joint exercises you can do to strengthen your joints
  • 3 key things to keep in mind when performing joint exercises
  • The TWO most important nutrients for joint health (Revealed in Chapter 4)
  • One of the best food to eat when you have inflammation
  • 6 types of food (and drinks) to avoid when you have joint problems
  • How your body weight affects your joints (and what to do about it.)
  • How to do a simple ‘standing’ posture exercise that will reduce the stress on your knees, legs, and back
  • 9 simple home remedies to relieve joint aches (This is for people who want to avoid the side effects of prescribed drugs!)
  • 7 must-have supplements backed by scientific research for optimum joint health
  • One common mistake thing most people ignored that ‘secretly’ degrades their joint health without them knowing!
  • 4 treatments to relieve excruciating joint aches!


... And so much more waiting to be uncovered inside this comprehensive e-book course!


  • Benefit 1

    Avoid taking over-the-counter medications by opting for simple home remedies

  • Benefit 2

    Reverse arthritis and other common joint problems

  • Benefit 3

    Reduce the pain associated with joints

  • Benefit 4

    Move freely without experiencing any sorts of pain

  • Benefit 5

    Restore youthful mobility & flexibility

  • Benefit 6

    Lead a healthier & happier life

Saying Goodbye to Joint Problems Starts HERE!

Chapter 1

The Importance of Joint Health

  •  What are joints?
  •  Types of joints & their functions
  •  Healthy vs painful         joints

Chapter 2

Common Joint Problems

  •  Arthritis
  •  Gout
  •  Bursitis
  •  Repetitive movement injuries

Chapter 3

Exercise your Joints

  • Works for flexibility & range of motion
  •  Strengthen your core
  •  Variety is key
  • Joint specific exercises

Chapter 4

Balance your Diet

  •  Nutrients that nourish your joints
  •  Best foods for joint health
  •  Foods to avoid

Chapter 5

Watch your weight

  • How weight affects joints
  • Reduce stress on joints
  • Pay attention to your posture

Chapter 6

Home Remedies for Easing Joint Pain.

  •  Epson salts & essential oils
  •  Hot & cold packs
  •  Chamomile tea poultice
  •  & much more...

Chapter 7

Best Supplements for Joint Health

  •  Glucosamine
  •  Chondroitin
  •  Omega 3s
  • and much more!

Chapter 8

Other options to Treat Joint Pain

  •  Medications
  •  Topical agents
  •  Injections
  •  Physical Therapy


Bonus #1 - A Complete check list

Bonus #2 Comprehensive mind map

  •  Step by step action plan


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Meet Your Therapist

Tracy Roberge
Yoga Therapist RYT500, Reiki master and Diet & Nutritional Advisor.


Having recovered from injuries herself, Tracy teaches with a sensitivity and a keen understanding of individual needs. Her adjustments are gentle and precise, helping her students achieve the maximum benefit from their yoga practice. Tracy urges clients to attune to their body’s messages and incorporate what they learn into their daily lives. 

  • Yoga Therapist RYT500 from The Yoga Studio College of Canada

  • Trained by Indian instructor while living in Asia​

  • Reiki Master Certification from Mount Royal University​

  • Relax and Renew® Level 1 Certification - Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, P.T​

  • Yoga, Facia & the New Anatomy of the body with Tom Meyers (Anatomy Trains)

  • Trained with Calgary Rheumatologist Dr Steven Edworthy & Kim McNeil BSc RYT

  • Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level C Certified

  • Diet & Nutritional Advisor 

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"Tracy’s knowledge in Arthritis and her eagle eye to access areas that required attention was invaluable.


I am happy to report that after 3 months of yoga therapy sessions with Tracy, my Rheumatologist saw no signs of inflammation and I rarely experience pain or flare ups.


A combination of med’s, diet, and YOGA were the key.

Thanks Tracy, for your expertise and caring personality."

Maureen Siegfried

Yoga Therapy Client

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