Access to the Yoga Therapy Works Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Video practices in the following categories

    • LIVE Pre-Recorded Mixed/Gentle level Yoga and Myofascial Release Classes
    • Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Chair Yoga, Restorative, The Breath (Pranayama) and Pelvic Floor Practices.
  • LIVE Weekly ZOOM Class - Join Yoga Therapist Tracy Roberge and the Yoga Therapy Works Community LIVE Virtually from your own home. Ask questions, say hi and connect. If you miss the class, don't worry, it's recorded and added to the library so you can access later. 

  • Free Updates - New weekly classes and material is regularly added and updated to make sure you have the latest yoga practices for personal development.

  • Monthly Access - You can access the course whenever you wish with your monthly dues!

  • Use Any Device - Access the training area using a Laptop, Desktop Computer, Tablet or Cell Phone.

  • PLUS have the opportunity to access these great E-books with bonuses

  • Daily Affirmation Handbook - 365 Affirmations for attracting health, wealth, and happiness into your life!

  • Biohacking Secrets E-book - Top Secret Lifestyle Hacks for Optimal Living