What if you could go from achy joints to easier movement?

"I hurt whenever I move so I just don't want to!" 

If this sounds like you, then you need...

Yoga for Arthritis

& Healthy Joints!

Video Workshop

  • Feature #1

    An understanding of arthritis and what happens in the body when you’re stressed

  • Feature #2

    Breathing techniques (pranayama) to create breath awareness and reduce stress and inflammation

  • Feature #3

    Video lessons on safe movement yoga (asana) practices you can alternate and do daily, including how to safely get to the floor and back up, core stability and strengthening, upper body practices, standing practice and happy feet, our foundation!​

  • Feature #4

    Bonus Meditation practices you can do outside of any practice

    This course will give you better range of motion, confidence and strategies for pain management and relaxation, including breathing techniques and an understanding of arthritis and what happens in the body when you’re stressed.

    Frequently asked questions...

    about arthritis and yoga.

    Can I still do this course even if I can't move very well

    What is Arthritis

    How to start a yoga practice if you have arthritis

    If I don't have Arthritis, can I still take this class as it's gentle on my joints

    Can yoga help with arthritis pain

    Is yoga for arthritis safe

    What exactly are you getting...?!

    Module 1

    Welcome & What is Arthritis?

    • Video describing what arthritis is, risk factors, suspected causes, symptoms and treatment. Will also review what a joint is, focusing primarily on the movable synovial joint as they are the most flexible and common joint in the body

    Module 2

    What Happens When you're Stressed?

    • Overview video of the body's "fight-or-flight" response, and how stress can perpetuate itself and become implicated in chronic health problems, including inflammation, which arthritis is

    Module 3

    Breath Awareness


    • 3 video pranayama practices to guide you through the importance of proper breath techniques leading to an efficient exchange of oxygen

    Module 4

    Down to the floor, and up Safely

    • This video demonstrates how to have the confidence to get down and up safely

    Module 5

    Upper Body Practices

    • 2 video practices for the upper body to create movement and mobility in the joints

    Module 6

    Happy Feet Practices

    • 2 videos on Myofascial Release (MFR) for the foot and the whole ankle 

    Module 7

    Standing Practice

    • This video will build an active range of motion at the hip joints, stabilize the pelvis and improve the relationship between the spine and pelvis

    Module 8

    Core Stability & Strengthening Practices

    • 2 video practices to build active range of motion and Improve your deep core and foundational muscles

    Module 9

    What is Savasana & is it Important?

    • 3 videos detailing the meaning of Savasana, & showing comfortable positions for the body to relax

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    Video Lessons to guide you to easier movement 

    Bonus #1

    Pain Management Exercise

    Bonus #2, #3, and #4

    3 Guided Meditations


    Support Group

    Does Yoga for Arthritis

    Actually WORK...?!

    "Tracy’s knowledge in Arthritis and her eagle eye to access areas that required attention was invaluable. I am happy to report that after 3 months of yoga therapy sessions with Tracy, my Rheumatologist saw no signs of inflammation and I rarely experience pain or flare ups. 


    A combination of med’s, diet, and YOGA were the key. Thanks Tracy for your expertise and caring personality."

    Maureen Seigfried

    Yoga Therapy Client

    "In the few months that I have been taking yoga with Tracy, I have felt much better. The debilitating leg cramps have greatly lessened, and I am feeling stronger physically.


    I have complete confidence in Tracy. She is a sincere, compassionate and dedicated teacher and person. And she only has other people's concerns at heart. She lives and loves her passion. And it shows in all that she says and does!"

    Cheryl Nicholls

    Yoga Student

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