The concept of Chair Yoga makes the numerous benefits of traditional yoga available to a wider range of physical abilities. 


Get FIT where you SIT 

Whether you are old or young, whether work and/or family make heavy demands on your time, this kind of yoga is easy for anyone to do, as it can even be done in many everyday situations. The only genuine requirement is a chair!

Regular yoga practice can help reduce joint pain, improve joint flexibility and function and lower stress and tension. So the good news is, absolutely chair yoga helps with inflammation, stress, arthritis and pain management. Even starting with once a week with a simple yoga practice is great!

You can even do these practices at your desk! It's a great way to release tension and stress associated with sitting at your desk for long periods and will help you release the body, refreshing your mind.

What EXACTY are you getting with

Get FIT where you SIT?

  • Feature #1

    Receive 5 daily 20 minute Chair Yoga video classes

  • Feature #2

    Breathing practices (pranayama)

  • Feature #3

    A Conscious Relaxation Meditation/Savasana Practice​


    2 BONUS Chair Yoga Classes to get you gently moving!  

    Chair Yoga


    Yoga has been shown to improve overall health, prevent and (even in some cases) reverse disease when practiced regularly as a lifestyle. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that it can therefore lend its benefits to those with mobility issues. Here are some of them:

    • Improved Strength, continue with hobbies and daily activities independently for many more years to come. 

    • Improved Flexibility​, Chair yoga can help those with mobility issues to undertake activities that they have perhaps been unable to, such as reaching down to tie shoe laces or pick things up.

    • Improved proprioception​, Proprioception is the skill of knowing where your body is in space, and coordinating your movements accurately. This is particularly important to prevent falls. For people with disabilities or conditions such as MS, it may mean having greater control over your body and its movements.

    • Reduced stress and improved mental clarity​, Chair yoga can lessen the impact of chronic illnesses and pain. For elderly people, it may also help them cope with feelings of isolation, if this is a problem. Being calmer and more relaxed inevitably leads to a greater feeling of happiness and well-being, which everyone can benefit from!

    • Improved stress and pain management​, Chair yoga (and yoga in general, really) includes breath work, which can help people not only with stress management but also for coping and managing pain. Through meditation and paying attention to your breath, you can help your body and mind to cope with the pain of an illness or condition you may suffer with.

    “I would love an online chair yoga course... I could watch it anytime…If I felt sick (or didn’t feel great) I wouldn’t have to miss it. Tracy has already shown me so much in how to move safely, and I'm feeling so much better just by gently moving!” 

    Veronica Rohn

    Yoga Therapy Client

    Meet Your Therapist

    Tracy Roberge
    Yoga Therapist RYT500, Reiki master and Diet & Nutritional Advisor.


    Having recovered from injuries herself, Tracy teaches with a sensitivity and a keen understanding of individual needs. Her adjustments are gentle and precise, helping her students achieve the maximum benefit from their yoga practice. Tracy urges clients to attune to their body’s messages and incorporate what they learn into their daily lives. 

    • Yoga Therapist RYT500 from The Yoga Studio College of Canada

    • Trained by Indian instructor while living in Asia​

    • Reiki Master Certification from Mount Royal University​

    • Relax and Renew® Level 1 Certification - Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, P.T​

    • Yoga, Facia & the New Anatomy of the body with Tom Meyers (Anatomy Trains)

    • Trained with Calgary Rheumatologist Dr Steven Edworthy & Kim McNeil BSc RYT

    • Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level C Certified

    • Diet & Nutritional Advisor 

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    20 min Video Practices


    Conscious Relaxation & Breathing Practices


    2 additional 20 minute Chair Yoga Practices


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    Who doesn't have 20 minutes to get

    FIT where you SIT?

    This course is suitable for all levels, including those with limited mobility. Also appropriate for those who work in a sitting environment who need a release to stay focused and feeling well throughout the day! 


    The 7 days of 20 minute chair yoga routines in this product have been adapted in such a way that you need have no reservations about trying them, no matter how stiff-jointed you are.

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